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Rethinking Traditional Approaches

The Decent Work Coalition hosted a dedicated side event at AGRF, Africa’s Food Systems Forum in September 2022The event provided a multi-stakeholder discussion about how providing equitable livelihoods and proper social protection mechanisms are crucial in ending global malnutrition in all its forms. It highlighted that to effectively change the systems inhibiting all 4.5 billion food systems workers from accessing adequate and sustainable nutritional inputs, we must mobilize all stakeholders to create a shared vision, ambition, and identification of common ground. The event discussed the data gaps in food systems while discussing the importance of partnerships and the role of both, private and public sectors in unlocking decent job opportunities. The ideas and solutions discussed during this session fed into the ongoing work of the Coalition.

All actors must work together to promote labour and human rights, economic and social justice, 100% living incomes and wages, adequate and nutritious food for all food systems workers, and increase opportunities for decent employment within the agri-food sector. Effectively addressing the decent work deficits for all food systems workers is key to advancing equitable livelihoods, economic and social justice, resilient food supply chains, and sustainably transforming our food systems. First and foremost, food systems transformation must: i) build agency for the most vulnerable people working across diverse food systems



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While playing a critical role in feeding the world, food system workers regularly face high levels of social protection. In many countries, Conflict, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the


May 24, 2023


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29th October 2022


Rethinking Traditional Approaches

The purpose of the DWLIW coalition is to accelerate a substantial increase of impactful actions by stakeholders across food systems, aligned for collective impact on the livelihoods of food systems workers. The shared vision is a world where economic and social justice and the right to adequate and nutritious food is a reality for all food systems workers.

DWLIW is a member-led organization that galvanizes the global community to create more equitable livelihoods for those working in food systems. Together with its members, the Coalition applies its respected thought leadership and effective advocacy to generate constructive solutions towards these goals.

We are working with governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, academia, labor organizations and the private sector to make progress on this agenda.